What we do

At Hot Rod Technologies we like to do things a little differently, and to stand out from the crowd you have to push the boundaries.

Take for example the all aluminium chassis we have just developed for the mid 50's Ford F100 Pickup truck. There are dozen's of changes made to bring it right up to date with today's most demanding requirements. It is substantially stronger than anything Henry every made, using the latest materials and procedures saves an astonishing 40% in weight.

Not only that, here at Hot Rod Technologies we like our vehicles to really handle, that means safety is our biggest priority. The vehicle has to steer and stop perfectly, our vehicles are quick, there's no question about that but the driver needs to have full confidence in the build and handling of these astonishing vehicles. Coupled with the outstanding performance and handling of the vehicles you will be surrounded in luxury and comfort normally associated with super car marques.